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Growing Greens in Winter

Growing Greens in Winter

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Winter can be a tough time for a gardener. Don’t get me wrong: I do love winter, the snowshoeing and skiing and baking and catching up on all the things I don’t have time for in summer because I’m outside all the time. But the dinner table suffers a little. Salad is a nearly daily staple here, and when we’ve been spoiled on fresh garden greens through October, it’s always a sad day when I have to break down and buy lettuce at the grocery store.

That is, until I remembered I have a grow light in the basement!

I had been starting seeds indoors for years, and planting them in the ground as soon as conditions are right. Why not use the grow light for the whole process, seed to harvest?

Sunlight was the missing element, but the four-foot four-bulb full spectrum grow light is a suitable substitute. It runs on a timer to mimic summertime daylight. Heat is abundant, since the furnace also shares this space. I dug out my seed-starting mix and seeds, and after a couple hours’ work I had 34 little pots seeded and ready to grow salad and herbs!

Nine days later, my baby plants are thriving in their little basement home. I had to be choosy about what to plant since space is very limited, but the kale, basil, lettuce and others are growing healthy and strong so far. I can’t wait to be eating garden-fresh salad again!

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