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Windowsill basil

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Windowsill basil
Windowsill basil

Basil, that favorite kitchen herb and essential tomato companion, can be easily grown close at hand. Why limit yourself to dry flakes when you can have the freshest, most aromatic leaves? You can bring the garden right into the kitchen!

I’ve been growing basil on my windowsill for a few months now, and it’s been a wonderful addition to the kitchen, and so convenient, too. I had started some seedlings a few weeks earlier, so it was easy to transplant them into some ceramic planters I had on hand…a couple of chipped mugs I dug out of the back of the cupboard! I think they look lovely, but I have to be careful not to over-water since there are no drainage holes. Regular plant pots would be ideal, of course, if you have them.

Whether you’re growing your basil inside or out, it’s best to cut off the growing tips whenever you need a few leaves. This forces the plant to develop a bushy habit, making more stems and a prettier plant!


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