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When It Rains…

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Last night, it started raining. I listened to it half the night drumming on the metal roof. Next day, it’s still coming down, and not lightly.

The lack of rain is not usually a concern around here, where more often than not the sky is gray and we’re wishing for a little sunshine. But it’s been a dry spring; only yesterday, just under the surface, the soil was still powder-dry. I’ve been spending evenings watering by hand with a hose, but I know it’s not really enough. This rain is welcome.

On days like this, I love the view from my windows–not gray skies, but green. Green grass, green leaves, and yes, green weeds twice the height of my little vegetable plants.

This rain will mark a turning point, I think: the real beginning of the summer season. As soon as the sun hits the now-drenched earth, green will be fairly leaping up from the ground. And with the full moon yet a week away, the danger of frost has all but passed. It’s time for the next wave of planting.

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