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Water For Asparagus

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The tulips and daffodils are out in their glory. We’ve been relishing every last moment of this gorgeous stretch of dry, sunny spring days. However, young plants need water to thrive. There’s not much growing yet, but if only for the good of the garlic and asparagus, it’s time for watering the garden.

So out I go in the evening, with my watering can and garden hose. It’s lovely and quiet, with only the sound of insects and birds. Every part of a bed that’s got plants growing gets gets a good soaking with the long wand attachment on the hose. The sprayer nozzle is too harsh for the garden, especially this time of year when the plants are still so delicate. I reserve the watering can for the just-seeded beds – even the wand is likely to wreak havoc where there are no roots yet to hold the soil.

The lawn never gets this kind of pampering; by late August, there are inevitably a few brown patches where the grass has just dried up. But my vegetables are a different story – they get special treatment. As long as we’ve enough water to go around, I’ll take the summer weather gladly, and I’ll enjoy my evenings out here watering.

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