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Waiting For Spring

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It’s officially spring, though it looks like November out there today. Thanks to my broken ankle, I hadn’t actually got any garden work done yet anyway, but this weather is dismal nonetheless. Peas are waiting patiently in their packets, seed potatoes have arrived “at proper planting time for your geographical area” but have been stowed away in the cold room, waiting for a warmer day. Waiting for spring.

It will come, I just know it will.

Happily, the seedlings are thriving. Most have germinated by now, and their little leaves are reaching for the grow light – which is far more nourishing today than the little natural light this gray day is providing.

On days like this, I have to think about the future: in a matter of weeks, I’ll be able to see my young plants in their beds, reaching for the sunlight. There’ll be a lot more of it this year, too. A few weeks ago, we finally cut the towering pine tree that left the garden in, at best, filtered sunlight for much of the day. It was a bittersweet moment. We miss the tree already, but I’m convinced the garden will be better for its loss.

And so we wait, again, for spring.

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