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Moving up day: into the cold room

Moving up day: into the cold room

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One month after seeding, the baby vegetable plants are ready to move up. Also, the wood furnace is out for the warming season, so the basement is no longer toasty warm.

This means no more cozy nursery room for the seedlings. But it’s a timely event, since the baby plants have outgrown their starter cells and are ready for the next step. Today was the day for transplanting seedlings. I transferred the taller, more robust plants to bigger pots and moved the whole lot to the sunny, but colder, southwest-facing room.

Tomatoes got the repotting treatment, which comes with a dose of fresh soil and a root adjustment. That is, I sort of coiled the long (deep root trainer) root ball to fit in a wider pot, leaving room to bury part of the stem as well. Tomatoes grow little hairs on their stems which will root, if they find soil.

Eggplants stayed put. They are notoriously susceptible to root shock, which means they do not recover well after their roots have been disturbed. With this in mind, I had seeded the eggplants in larger composting pots, so they have room to continue growing.

These healthy seedlings will grow more slowly now, but with luck, more strongly and stoutly due to all that genuine sunlight they’re about to receive through those corner windows. In another week or two, with luck, they will be ready to spend warm afternoon hours in a shady spot outside.

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