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Who Needs Vegetables When There Are Flowers?

Who Needs Vegetables When There Are Flowers?

It’s late summer. Weeds are abundant and thriving in my vegetable garden. The intended vegetable plants have not been so lucky; the ones that survived the temporary indulgence of the chickens are now in danger of being choked out by weeds. It’s been a busy […]

The Weeds of June

The brassicas and greens are all set out in the garden now: not in large volume, but a few seedlings each of cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi and bok choy. Three Brussels sprouts plants went in a couple of weeks ago, ready earlier because I’d started the […]

An Experiment in Indoor Seeding

There’s been some buzz among home gardeners about reusing materials in the garden: toilet paper tubes, for one. The idea is you use toilet paper tubes for starting seeds indoors or in your greenhouse. This would allow you to cut expenses in the garden, all […]

Early Spring in the Garden

It’s early spring; sun and warmth are abundant somewhere, but not here. Today, on the 15th of April, we’ve still got the wood furnace going strong and there’s snow on the ground. Spring break starts today. This is not a time of tropical vacation, not […]