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A Day For Planting Potatoes

A Day For Planting Potatoes

Potatoes went in the ground today. ┬áIt was the first genuinely spring-like day, and perfect for planting potatoes. Three varieties went in this year: Dark Red Norland, an early red potato for a summer treat; Reba, a storage variety touted for its disease resistance; and […]

Building Trellises: The Garden Grows Up

Building Trellises: The Garden Grows Up

How do you grow vegetables in a small space? You grow up. Specifically, you build a garden trellis for the climbing plants to climb. I do this every year with peas, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. I don’t have acres of farmland, but the deep, rich […]

Water For Asparagus

The tulips and daffodils are out in their glory. We’ve been relishing every last moment of this gorgeous stretch of dry, sunny spring days. However, young plants need water to thrive. There’s not much growing yet, but if only for the good of the garlic […]

Planting the Garden: First Day in the Dirt

Garden season is officially open in my backyard: the first crops are in. Using my carefully designed crop-rotation plan, I dug the first of my raised garden beds. It was a pleasure to roll back the black plastic and find the soil warm and totally […]

In the Beginning: My Garden Roots

My parents had a vegetable garden for as long as I can remember, and I spent as much time in it as I did on my bike or making trails through our woods. It was a long rectangular plot, tilled spring and fall by my […]