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Growing Greens in Winter

Growing Greens in Winter

Winter can be a tough time for a gardener. Don’t get me wrong: I do love winter, the snowshoeing and skiing and baking and catching up on all the things I don’t have time for in summer because I’m outside all the time. But the […]

Moving up day: into the cold room

Moving up day: into the cold room

One month after seeding, the baby vegetable plants are ready to move up. Also, the wood furnace is out for the warming season, so the basement is no longer toasty warm. This means no more cozy nursery room for the seedlings. But it’s a timely […]

Why I Start Seeds Indoors

When it’s April Fool’s Day, and you wake up to find ten inches of fresh snow on the ground…well, something says it SHOULD be spring, but what can you do? It just may be the perfect day to start seeds! Though we dread the thought […]

Deep Roots Make Healthier Plants

These new seed-starting trays I bought are amazing. I wanted deeper starting cells for my tomato seedlings in particular, so I decided to try these deep root planters.  I do try to minimize my garden gadget purchases, but when you start seeds inside, you have […]

An Experiment in Indoor Seeding

There’s been some buzz among home gardeners about reusing materials in the garden: toilet paper tubes, for one. The idea is you use toilet paper tubes for starting seeds indoors or in your greenhouse. This would allow you to cut expenses in the garden, all […]

Waiting For Spring

It’s officially spring, though it looks like November out there today. Thanks to my broken ankle, I hadn’t actually got any garden work done yet anyway, but this weather is dismal nonetheless. Peas are waiting patiently in their packets, seed potatoes have arrived “at proper […]

Maps and Cotyledons: The Seeds Are Up

The seeds are up! Not all of them, of course, but the earliest seeds are poking their first leaves through the soil and reaching for the light. In a few more days, I expect those trays to be fully populated with green. It was one […]

Gardening Under the Lights

The seeds are in, and the grow light is casting its full-spectrum glow over them. Most seeds don’t actually need the light until after the little plants have emerged from the soil, but celery seeds need light to germinate. So the light is on. I […]