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Maps and Cotyledons: The Seeds Are Up

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The seeds are up! Not all of them, of course, but the earliest seeds are poking their first leaves through the soil and reaching for the light. In a few more days, I expect those trays to be fully populated with green.

It was one of my kids who noticed the first plant. He’s been keeping count ever since. “Mama, there are FIVE baby plants today!” So I took the opportunity to explain “cotyledon”, or “seed leaf”. Without getting out my notes, I couldn’t tell which plants they were. Cotyledons, of course, haves an entirely different look than the true leaves, which we’ll see soon enough.

Yes, I take notes. I make elaborate charts in an old geology field notebook left over from college. For each tray I seed and each bed I plant, I draw a diagram noting dates, varieties and quantities. A larger garden journal, a big hefty book, holds handwritten records, and it’s in this book that I draw maps of my entire garden. The whole plan is meticulously designed, taking into account factors like plant height, nutrient requirements, crop rotation and proximity to the backyard. In elementary school, when I wanted to be an architect, I spent hours designing detailed floor plans; I suppose my garden mapping may be a new manifestation of the my inner designer.

I wonder how many new seedlings will pop up today.

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