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A Day For Planting Potatoes

A Day For Planting Potatoes

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Potatoes went in the ground today.  It was the first genuinely spring-like day, and perfect for planting potatoes. Three varieties went in this year: Dark Red Norland, an early red potato for a summer treat; Reba, a storage variety touted for its disease resistance; and my favorite, the delicious, waxy-textured German Butterball.

Cut seed potatoes first

I took the time to cut the seed potato ahead of planting time this year. It’s recommended in order to give the cut surfaces time to dry, which helps to prevent rot once they’re in the ground. Making sure to divide the eyes somewhat evenly among the pieces, I cut most of them and left them to heal in the sun while I loosened the soil in the beds. I’d already taken the leaf mulch off last weekend, so this was the last step in preparation.

Homegrown is best

There are plenty of potatoes to be had in the grocery stores, but in my experience, homegrown is best. Commercial farmers choose their varieties based on characteristics of storage and uniformity, which often means a sacrifice in flavor. But if a vegetable is suited to your climate, you can usually get more delicious results growing your own. Potatoes are very well suited to our climate here in the North!

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