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Myra Makes: A Creative Workbook for Kids

Myra Makes: A Creative Workbook for Kids

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I love books. And I have young kids, so of course I love kids’ books! Journey to Cloud City is an engaging workbook full of open-ended activities that capture kids’ imaginations.

I was given a copy of this book to review. Naturally, I had to test it and interview the subjects! (This book is intended for ages 6-10; my kids are 9 and 11. All opinions are my own, or my kids’, as indicated.)

(Me) So what do you think about this new book, “Journey to Cloud City”?
(9-year-old) It’s good!
(11-year-old) Yeah it’s good.
(Me) Okay, so it’s good. What do you like about it? What’s the best part?
(11-year-old) I like that we can make up our own solutions, like gears and bridges.
(9-year-old) We can make our own characters!
(Me) So you make up your own characters and solutions along the way?
(11-year-old) Yup. Can we get back to the book now?

So there you have it: a first-hand account of “Journey to Cloud City”, as recommended by kids!

What do I like about this book? As a parent, I love that it’s an adventure, and kids find opportunities along the way to be heroes and help other characters in the story. They solve puzzles about energy, ecology and community using critical thinking, empathy and a little math. In the words of the creators: their mission is “to excite kids with a love of learning and inspire them to embark on their own creative adventures.” My take… mission: accomplished!

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