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My Little Garden Helpers

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What do you do when you want to get some garden work done, but your precious youngsters are vying for your time? Get the kids in the garden with you! That’s what I have tried to do since mine were old enough to be interested in dirt. In other words, forever.

Sometimes the task interests them, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sadly, my kids have never been keen on weeding. But mention sifting compost, or shoveling manure, or planting beans and peas, and they’re right there to help.

I love having my kids in the garden with me. When the mood strikes them, they can a great help! Granted, at times I could probably accomplish more without that help, but it’s always a joy to see their enthusiasm for getting down in the dirt. And I’m going to continue to do my very best to nurture that enthusiasm, because nothing would please me more than to see my kids develop a real love of growing things.

They’re still young, so progress is inevitably slow, but it’s okay. There are times when I just have work to get done, but if the kids are helping, I’m in no hurry. They have their own garden tools, wheelbarrow and work gloves. Together, we shovel compost and wheel it to the garden beds. I do the heavy work of forking the soil to mix it all in, but they’re always back again in time for seeding lettuce and beets. Alas, by the time we get to the kale and chard, they’ve lost interest and gone back to the bikes.

I bet I’ll see my kids in the garden again, though!

2 thoughts on “My Little Garden Helpers”

  • I’d say they will enjoy working with you more when they are older, since you started letting them help now . It will just be a part of their lives, and bring back a lot of good memories. Good job!

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