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It’s a Green, Green World Out There

It’s a Green, Green World Out There

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It’s still raining. Not enough to make outdoor work impossible, but also not enough to keep the bugs away. Thankfully, the downpour has diminished to an intermittent drizzle, with sunshine between the showers and warm temperatures. It’s almost tropical out there, and things are growing like mad. The peas are currently the tallest, and that’s no surprise: they will continue to climb, as peas do, rather than branch out. They’ll need a fence soon for support and easy picking.

Kale, carrots, radishes, lettuce and others are up as well, all little green pairs of leaves barely a half inch tall. The potatoes are more impressive: their leaves form tough little rosettes an inch or two in diameter, spattered with dirt from the hard rain. The garden is shaping up.

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