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Glory of the Snow

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imageIt’s one of those defining moments of spring: the emergence of the first spring flowers. Our first blooms every year are crocus, snowdrops, and glory-of-the-snow. Some years, they actually do pop up through the snow, but they’re just as welcome opening their petals over the dead grass and leaves of last year.

I used to plant tulips, but gave that up long ago – their bulbs are, as my mother says, like candy for the wildlife around here. Deer, woodchucks, squirrels and chipmunks populate the woods around here. And while they’re not generally a nuisance to me, they do seem to make pilgrimages to the backyard to feast on those sweet snacks from which I’m foolish enough to lay in the ground for them. They adore crocus too, but by some stroke of luck I still have one or two bulbs left that they haven’t found. No tulips, though, not one.

My woodland creatures don’t seem to have a taste for glory-of-the-snow, nor for daffodils, which I expect to bloom in the next week or so. Their green spikes are just a few inches tall – it won’t be long now.

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