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Early Spring in the Garden

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It’s early spring; sun and warmth are abundant somewhere, but not here. Today, on the 15th of April, we’ve still got the wood furnace going strong and there’s snow on the ground.

Spring break starts today. This is not a time of tropical vacation, not for my family; it’s usually a time of getting the garden started. April 15 is the traditional planting date around here for peas, onions, and potatoes, anything which should go in “as soon as the ground can be worked.” Only this year, I don’t think it can be worked yet; it’s still frozen.

Anyway, the kids are off from school for the week. The driveway, though muddy, is bare of snow, so biking is a popular option these days. Yesterday, outdoor activities alternated between biking and snowbank excavation with garden shovels. The kids came back inside spattered head to toe with mud and sopping wet from the snow. They make me proud.

Warm weather will come soon enough, and when it does, sand and dirt will replace snow for play. One of the joys of this place is having the kids in the garden with me. They’re barely school age, but they’re eager to dig, rake, carry compost, almost anything else that involves dirt. But the best part is when they ask me whether they can eat spinach, kale, green beans, onion leaves, practically anything that’s growing, right out of the garden. Of course, the answer is always yes.

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