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Drizzly Days Are For Transplanting

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I’ve been awaiting this weather for some time now: overcast, protective sky; warm, moist air, not too hot, but practically fully saturated; warm, moist soil, not too soggy, but just right for securing baby roots. Not my idea of a fine day, but perfect transplanting weather. About time, too.

My little plants had been waiting patiently for the right weather at the right time. Just three days ago, we awoke with snow on the ground, but I think we’re safe from frost this time.

I’m happy to say I found great success with my new deep-root transplant pots. They open up at the sides, allowing you to slide the whole plug out of the cell. My transplants had very sturdy root masses, but there was no coiling at the bottom, as you often see with root-bound greenhouse plants.

So into the ground they went. In a couple of weeks, those tomato plants will be ready for their trellises, and the basil will have grown into little bushes, and the Brussels sprouts will be expanding in all directions. Next nice day, I’ll be planting squashes.

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