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Frolicking Cows in Springtime

Frolicking Cows in Springtime

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If you think cows are nothing but big, slow animals with no sense of adventure, you may never have seen cows in springtime. It’s true, most of the time cows don’t show a lot of spirit. Docile and good-natured, they usually seem content as long as they’re reasonably comfortable.

But when they’re released into a field of green grass for the first time in the spring, those cows turn into different creatures entirely. They kick up their heels, wave their tails, and even take off at a full run at the joy of it all. I witnessed it myself yesterday, when our three cows made the move to their early summer pasture.

Those happy cows did indeed kick up their heels, and all the rest. They have a comfortable place in the winter, with easy access to all the hay they can eat, a barn to go in and out of at their leisure, trees and sunny space, and plenty of room to wander. But there’s nothing like that first taste of spring grass.

After they have their first run, they settle down quickly. Then all you can hear is the sound of cows breathing, tearing grass, and chewing. They take a step with every few bites, and you can see their tongues wrap around their next target clump of grass. It’s mesmerizing, and they’re happy.

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