Biking as Meditation

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Mountain biking is a big part of what we do in the summer. Also in spring, and fall…anytime between mud and snow, really. Biking with the kids is usually fun, now that they’re old enough to keep up. (Actually, I now have to work to keep up with them at times!) And we’re lucky enough to live in the backyard of a singularly amazing mountain biking trail network. Single-track, double-track and some downhill trails on the nearby ski mountain keep us busy.

Sometimes, though, a solo bike ride is the perfect way to cap off a day at work. Single-track trails are great for focus and thrills, but there’s a lovely dirt road going right by our house, with views of fields and trees, cows, mountains, the occasional farmer, and best of all, no traffic.

I’ve mapped out a loop that starts right from our driveway. I track my rides on my phone—it measures my time, mileage and altitude gains, plus a whole lot of other things that remain mysterious to me as a non-athlete!

Sometimes I try to beat my previous time, but usually I just take in the view. I treat my solo rides as meditation: no music to distract me, no voices, just what I need to do to keep my pace. It’s a hilly road with some steep ascents. My reward at the top of each hill is always a spectacular view. It’s just the road I live on, but sometimes you just have to breathe in, breathe out and enjoy!

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