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First Fireworks of Spring 

First Fireworks of Spring 

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The lovely blue bachelors buttons are in full bloom, and they look like mini fireworks popping up amongst the lily leaves!

There are still a couple of weeks yet until summer. Never mind that we’ve had the wood stove burning almost every day of June so far. The flowers are coming anyway, stubborn calendar followers that they are, and for that I’m grateful.

I took a yard and garden survey this evening, noting plants and areas I’d like to change, develop, bring into greater beauty. More flowers, less lawn. It’s by no means the ideal time to initiate such changes, but we do what we can, when we can. Just a few days ago, I moved some verigated hostas, day lilies and violets into a new home near the deck. With plenty of water, they’ll do fine.

If I’d taken more time to plan my blooms, I’d have placed those bachelor’s buttons near some early yellow daylilies. The poppies are also blooming now, and they’d be another beautiful complement. I’ll have that in mind next time; this garden is a work in progress, after all.

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